Paragraph on Our Freedom Fighters- by Sandipan

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

These words would have had no meaning, had the word “Freedom” not been the most important thing in human civilisation.


And, it is the Freedom Fighters who have epitomised the true meaning of “Freedom”. The Freedom Fighters of our country have had such an impact on us that it is for them and to them we owe our existence.

The Indian Independence Movement which spanned from as early as 1857 to 1947 has witnessed some of the finest humans with the noblest of spirits and the bravest of hearts. Our Freedom Fighters, who have been instrumental in obtaining political independence from not only British, but also from Portuguese as well as French Rule, have not only demonstrated courage and heroism but have also inculcated Indian minds with virtues of the highest form.

In pursuit of freedom of our Country, our Freedom fighters have themselves become slave to freedom to gift us freedom at the cost of their lives. Such exemplary sacrifices made by our Freedom Fighters not only commendable but also give us a sense of immense pride for being part of such a rich heritage.

Notable among our numerous Freedom Fighters was Mangal Pande, primarily known for attacking British officers in an incident that sparked what is known to the British as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and to Indians as the First War of Indian Independence. Laxmibai (Jhansi Ki Rani), another legendary figure also took lead in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and for her contributions is known as India’s “Joan of Arc”.


It is notable to mention about Mahatma Gandhi, popularly called as “The Father of the Nation”, and was regarded as the architect of independent India. He was an epitome of non-violence, truth and love, which he not only preached but also practiced. Another notable freedom fighter was Bal Gangadhar Tilak, also known as Lokmanya Tilak and well known for his quote “Swarajya (self rule) is my birth right and I shall have it.” For his extremist attitude, he was considered as the Father of Indian Unrest.

He is also remembered for his Swadeshi Movement which was launched with the partition of Bengal, along with Bipin Chandra Pal and Lala Lajpat Rai (famously known as Lal-Bal-Pal). The ‘Iron Man of India’- Vallabhbhai Patel was another notable figure who played an important role in the integration of India by merging numerous princely states with the Indian Union.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was another firebrand freedom fighter, who was considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement. He personified heroism and became a symbol of inspiration, sacrifice, and valour by embracing death at a young age in pursuit of his fight against Britishers for freedom.

Subash Chandra Bose, known as Netaji is another notable freedom fighter who founded the Indian National Army and raised the slogan-“Delhi Chalo” and “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do Main Tumhe Ajadi Doonga”.

Our Freedom Fighters have inspired us to always strive for respect and make an impact on humanity and by doing so leave behind a trail of their legacy. We should all endeavour to live up to the vision and commitment of our freedom fighters. Jai Hind !!!

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