Paragraph on our Future – by Jenny


Future is uncertain, yet we all make plans for the coming days and years that we have ahead of us.

Though we have no idea as to what may happen tomorrow or the every next second, we make huge plans and build great dreams for our future.


Sometimes we achieve them and at other times it just stays as dreams which may go unfulfilled.

Why do we dream our future?

Everybody would love to have secure future like a happy home, good living conditions and a great life. In order to achieve all these, people start making plans like investments, savings and planning on many small and big agendas for a smooth and secure life. When planning’s made, lot of thought process goes into it and lots of hard work too. Each one of us dream to have a secure and stable future and the race for the same just goes on. The only difference being that the race differs from person to person and not the reason.

However, though we all make plans for our future, some succeed, while some don’t make it. There is no secret formula for success, but the only thing that you need to do is, dream and never to give up. Keep trying till you reach the destination that you have set up for yourself. As long as you don’t reach there, never turn back. As future is totally unpredictable, sometime, in spite of all this hard work, results may appear to take centuries to happen. But still at the end you would get for what you have put in.

Why future is uncertain:

Who could give an affirmation as to what may happen tomorrow. Nobody is sure. Tomorrow is always a mystery, a mystery that is unsolved, since nobody could predict what may happen the next minute. Sometimes things may go as you have planned, while at some other times, it may just take you to another direction totally. Destiny has its own ways and we just need to go with the flow.


If not today or tomorrow, someday the benefits are for certain. Future is just hope and we all live in great hopes and aspirations for our future’s to get better from what they are today. If you love in the present, then making a better future is not tough a task, as you would have an idea where it might take you, even if not certain.


The uncertainty of the happenings that takes place is what our future is basically and it all depends on how well you make a planning and how much blessed you are in implementing and reaping the benefits of your plans are. So in short, life is small and hence one should eat, drink and be merry, as you never know what may happen tomorrow for you….

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