Paragraph on Our Health and Exercise – by Rajan Karle


Health is wealth. It is needless to explain the necessity of keeping good health. Our health and exercise are two interconnected factors.

We maintain our heath by regular exercise. Exercise plays the crucial role in maintaining everything, from anxiety and despair to curing injuries and avoiding diseases.



It is hard to overlook the health benefits of physical activities and standard exercise. The advantages of regular exercising are same for people of all ages.

Weight control:

Obesity is the cause of many diseases. Exercise helps in maintaining the desirable weight. Physical activities burn calories. The more vigorous the physical movements, the more calories get burned.

If you are unable to accomplish this, become extra dynamic all through the day in some easy methods such as preferring the stairway as an alternative to the lift or elevator. Early morning walk is recommended to keep good health. A physically unwell person looks dull and dispirited and becomes disinterested in life.

Fight diseases:

Regardless of your present weight, vigorous health activities keep the cholesterol in check. It reduces the amounts of unsanitary triglycerides. This is possible by physical activity, yoga and pranayam. In this way, daily exercise keeps you away from health issues and troubles such as metabolic disorders, stroke, despair, arthritis and diabetes.

Mood Refresh:


Exercises at the gymnasium, otherwise a quick fifteen minutes walk can aid in relaxation. Corporal activities arouse different brain chemicals will give you the feeling of being happy. In addition, you might sense improvement in your look and appearance.

Energy Boosting:

Daily exercise can perk up your power as well as improve your stamina. Workouts and corporeal activities transport the nutrients and oxygen to the blood tissues. It aids cardiovascular structure to work extra competently. Furthermore, when our important body parts such as lungs and heart work more competently, our body becomes more energetic.

In this manner, regular exercise aids our health. It provides everything which is necessary to maintain a good health.


Thus, there is a huge importance to our health. We can create a time schedule to perform exercise activities. Our dedication towards exercise defines our health. Hence, we must attach utmost importance to exercise to live a healthy life.

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