Paragraph on Our Independence Day – 15th August – by Rajan

Independence Day – 15th August 1947 was the day when colonized India got freedom from the British rulers.

Thus, on every 15th August the whole country celebrates its independence day.



This day has got tremendous importance in India. It is considered as a national public holiday. Schools, government offices, private firms and every single place in India celebrate this day early in the morning. In all places, the celebration starts with the National flag hoisting ceremony. Besides this, people distribute sweets, chocolates, and many other delicious items to convey their reverence towards the country.

Government Celebration:

All government offices have holiday on this day. However, every government employee attends the flag hoisting ceremony in the morning.

In New Delhi, the national flag gets hoisted by the Prime Minister of India at Red Fort. Then, the defense department of India fires 21 bullet shots to convey tribute towards the freedom fighters. The Prime Minister delivers his speech from the parapets of the Red Fort. This speech gets broadcasted nationally and internationally. He addresses the whole nation in his speech. He also spends time speaking on the subject of development of the country. During this speech, the Prime Minister highlights the past year’s success of the government, declares the concerns that are yet to be solved and provides commands for more progress.

The National Anthem:

During the morning ceremony of flag hoisting, every Indian sings the national anthem. The voice of “Jana-Gana-Mana” spreads throughout the country. This song is extremely meaningful. It inspires every Indian to bring their country to the top level.



The Indian Army and the Indian Para-Military Forces demonstrate the marching manners. Indian soldiers show various breath-taking activities like bike riding, high-jumping, etc. Indian Air Force department demonstrates extremely beautiful flying manners of the jet airplanes. These jet airplanes spread various smoke colors in the sky.

Besides this, every state of India gets opportunity to express their culture through the ceremony of fancy show. Each state makes use of a huge vehicle to perform their activities.

All candidates of Lok-Sabha attain this ceremony at Red Fort whereas the candidates of Rajya-Sabha attain the ceremony at their respective states.

Celebration among children:

All children seem to be happy on this day. They need to attain the Independence Day ceremony at their schools. All schools distribute chocolates among the children. Many students hold the mini-flag of India that has a wheel at its center. This wheel rotates with the air. Some students affix the small poster of an Indian flag or map of India on the upper pocket of their shirt.

Nowadays, people make use of social media for expressing their love towards the country. They post several things relating to the country. They also send patriotic messages via mobile phones to wish “Happy Independence Day” to their loved ones.


Every Indian celebrates 15th August with a great pleasure by keeping harmony inside the country. As an Indian, I too celebrate this day in various manners. I always feel proud to be a part of my most-lovable country.

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