Paragraph on Our Morning Assembly- by Anand


Our morning assembly is the first thing before the classes begin. Morning assembly is a time of peace and quiet and when everyone gathers at one place and joins hands to praise the God for providing us with a whole new day.

Our morning assembly in school was a very interesting time of the day. It not only was a time of discipline and quiet but also of a few glees and laughter.

Assembling Everyone:


After reaching school, everyone went to class and settled down at their respective places. Usually, we talked and played around a bit before the bell for assembly was rung. The assembly bell meant that everyone should make a proper line while coming out of their respective classrooms and should come to the field outside and stands in absolute silence as the teachers and the principals gathered up. While going for the assembly, the class monitors would check the uniform, nails and haircut of the students and any unkempt hair or unpolished shoes would entail that person not being able to take part in the assembly.

Singing Of Hymns:

After everyone arrives, the school choir would start singing hymns and we would be asked to follow them and sing along. Hymn books were given to each and every one of us which had many different hymns. I loved singing hymns and would sing very melodiously. However, there were others who would merely stand and murmur and lip-sync.

Principal’s Address:

After the singing of hymns, the principal would address the whole crowd of students and teachers. He would talk about the values of discipline, punctuality, responsibility, truthfulness, good behaviour etc. He would also tell a story or two from his childhood days about how mischievous he and his pals were. This added a moment of fun to the morning assembly. Our principal was a truly joyous man with a love for long speeches. His morning assembly would last for ten to fifteen minutes.

Important Notices and News:

After the principal’s address, the morning news and updates follow. Usually a group of students are assigned the work of going to the podium and speaking about the news of that day, which consisted of international, national and sports related news. This would go around for quite some time. At times, students who come very well prepared, speak for about ten minutes. And they are usually asked by the teachers to finish up as quickly as possible. After the news session is done, the teachers who have any important notices speak on the podium so that everyone hears.



Thus, our morning assembly is a very eventful time of the day wherein everything happens. Me and my friends usually murmur between ourselves and sometimes prank on others while standing in the line. At times, we get away with it but at other times, we are caught and asked to report to the principal. The morning assembly was a time of strictness as well as fun. It made a good start to the whole day.

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