Paragraph on Our Parents Our Guide – by Jenny


Every child born into this world is the love of their parents. Being a parent is greatest blessing and the best gift, one could ever have in their life.

However, many parents fail to understand that by just giving birth to child, their role is not over.


It is a life long journey, where you teach your child what they should be. A role that has lots of responsibilities, praises, love, confusions, pain and so many other feelings all put in together. The most complicated, yet the most treasured experience in life.

Parents being our guide:

Parents are role models for their children. No matter what, the first few years of the child, which is also the formative years greatly depends and is influenced by what it’s parents does. Behaviour, attitude, character all these are greatly learned by these young ones, just by observing their parents. Parents are the first faces that they see and hence they look upon to them for anything and everything in their lives.

There is no other better guide in one’s life, like parents. They are the best treasures you could get and lucky or blessed are those who have parents who guide them in their lives. Parents know very well what is good and what is bad for their child. They encourage the good and protect against the bad. They are like best friends to their children and would be with them through their thick and thin. Family values and bonding are greatly learned by children from parents who teach them those values. Character formation, is greatly influenced by parents, how they behave and what they do are closely monitored by these little eyes and they tend to be in their parents shoes.

Parents know how to tackle a situation without much chaos and how to settle it. This is one reason why, when being kids, children are asked to share their day to day happenings with their parents. In this manner, parents could guide their wards in the right path. As they grow too, when children develop the habit of sharing their lives with parents, many of the disasters that we hear and see today could be avoided. Every parent would love to see their child to grow and settle in life at respectable positions and for it, they strive hard for their kids to be there.



However, inspite of taking up all the hardships, effort care and giving all their love, today children never realize their importance and hence, they just ignore their parents and in many cases even abandon them. This is the worst sin any child could do to their parent. Without parents, we all are nowhere. It is from them that we have evolved, grown, learnt and live and hence we should be respecting and loving our parents. Blessed are those who do have parents to look after them, as the value of a parent could be well explained by someone who does not have one.

Just as there is a saying “You can have as many wives/husbands you want, and as many children you want, but you can have only one Father and Mother and that is just irreplaceable at any cost” . This says it all on the importance of being a parent and having a parent.

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