Paragraph on Our Physical Growth – by Rajan Karle


Our physical growth can be measured on the basis of our weight, height, and power.

Besides these three, physical growth also includes the increased brain power. Physical growth takes place gradually and consistently.



All living organisms undergo the process of growth. This growth entails several improvements. However, some exceptions exist that never undergo the process of growth.


Our physical growth starts from childhood. We join school at the age of 5. At this age, we perform various activities such as playing games, singing poems, etc. These activities improve our skills.

When people are asked about the physical growth of their child they start speaking on irrelevant matters like rolling, walking, or any crawling related activities performed by the child. However, physical growth never involves these kinds of activities.

Physical growth types:

There can be various forms of physical growth. Let’s consider these forms starting from the child age.


Usually, children ranging between the ages of 1 to 5 are considered as babies. We can easily identify their physical and mental growth. We can say that the child’s physical growth is normal if he has 10-15kg weight. His height should be 2-3 ft.

Immature period begins at the age of 10. The children between the ages of 10 to 18 are considered as immature. The largest pace of physical growth is at this age.

The age of maturity begins at 18. When we become 18 years old people start considering us as a grown up child. The physical growth at this age flows in a moderate manner.

The physical growth of a man slows down after leaving the maturity age. Also, after crossing the age of 60 the physical growth of a man stops. In fact, this age shows the reduction in physical power.


Our physical growth depends on some of the major factors such as exercise, diet, food, and capability. We can realize many positive changes in the body after daily exercising. Exercising is a way to allow the additional physical growth. Similarly, the consumption of a balanced diet and healthy food can help improve growth. Our body functions are controlled on the basis of good, nutritious and healthy food.


Our physical growth is an important factor of our life. We should never overlook the tasks that control our physical growth. A normal growth is a sign of proper functioning of inner and outer body parts. It is necessary to consult a doctor in case of abnormal growth.

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