Paragraph on Our Rights and Duties – by Rajan Karle


Our rights and duties are two separated but interrelated faces of a coin. The world celebrates the Human Rights Day on 10th December.

The modern thoughts convey the message that dissertation on basic rights cannot be detached from basic duties; otherwise we must disfavor the both.



The United Nations agreed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Our rights and duties and the connection between them is not a new thought. According to Bhagawad Geeta, we are to blame for what we obtain. Performing our duty is our right.

Thus, there is always a duty or set of duties connected with every right. We cannot separate these two important factors. Whether it is the social life or the nation, we often possess certain rights and duties.


There can be more than one responsibility or duty attached with a single right. The basic rights of all Indian citizens are specified in the Indian Constitution. These rights include a wide range of subjects such as right to speech, vote, parity, equality, expression, etc. On the other hand, there is no chapter in the Indian Constitution that can explain the basic duties of Indian citizens.

People are incredibly eccentric; they seem to be conscious about their rights but no one provides equal attention when it comes to their duties. This ignorance has created a long gap between these two factors.



We can fix the gap stimulated between our rights and duties. Poverty and illiteracy are two major factors spreading unawareness towards the duties. When the ratio of literate and illiterate people was calculated, it was found that a literate person performs all duties in a good manner as compared to the illiterate one. Poverty is also equally responsible for the imbalance between rights and duties.

The Government must consider strict actions against those who do not perform their duties. All illegal activities must be suspended. Schools play the crucial role in shaping a child’s mind. Thus, every school must possess additional lectures on the subject of social duties.


Democracy is considered as the base of our country. We cannot overlook the importance of rights and duties in a democratic country. This democracy is supported by the people who either perform or ignore their social duties. We must perform our duties first to call ourselves as an Indian.

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