Paragraph on Our School Drama – by Rajan Karle


Our school drama teaches us many things. It discovers our hidden talents and allows us to perform on the stage in front of the crowd.

It is a way to learn many things such as communication skills, art of expression and many more.



Our school drama was based on the holy tale of Ramayna. It included more than 30 students from which 20 students gave the actual performance on the stage while others were making the backstage arrangements. Though it was based on sacred thoughts, it was full of fun right from the first day of rehearsal.

Two of our teachers helped us in making our school drama more entertaining. Drama is an art that offers emotions, approach, good thoughts, inspiring quotes, and lessons of life. The end of every drama brings something for the audience.


As the drama was mythological we were provided with some attractive attire, replicated weapons, and many other instruments befitting the characters of the drama. We were instructed to handle those materials carefully.

We performed the last session of Ramayna when Lord Rama kills the evil Ravana to bring back his wife Goddess Seeta. Therefore, we created the scenery in such a way to make it look more compatible to those ancient times. I was playing the role of Hanuman. He is the most trusted and dedicated disciple of Lord Rama.


My parents couldn’t attend the function because of their tight work schedule. However, my uncle came to see me perform. He recorded the entire drama in his video camera.

The roles of Rama and Ravana were truly difficult. There was a long conversation scene between these two fighters before the actual war. Rama was following the path of truth and honesty whereas Ravana was doing opposite. Seeta was shown silent throughout the drama. Still, they performed very well and brought their emotions without speaking a single word.

The audience was taking pleasure in our drama. I still remember the expressions on their faces. They were witnessing the drama with attention. Our teachers were proud of us because all students were performing to their best of ability. Our principle was extremely happy. He asked us to replay certain important acts of the drama in front of the school guests on the occasion of Independence Day.


We took part in the district drama competition. In addition, we replayed the same drama on two occasions, first on Independence Day, and secondly in a state-level school drama competition. We were the runner up group. This prize motivated us a lot. It was evident that some future actors are in the making from our school.

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