Paragraph on Our School Excursion – by Shanu

And when the teacher enters the class and announces “We have our school excursion this Sunday” all we do is scream with joy, exclaim with a two inch wide smile on our face from one ear to the other.

If the announcement is made on Monday, all we do through the week days is dream about the excursion the whole day, the whole night and the topic for the chat is ‘excursion’ , may it be with friends, family, or any acquaintances.

The Pre-Excursion Preparations:


These preparations are so important that we are ready to miss our lunch, evening playtime, favourite cartoon and we wait eagerly, for father to come back from the work and take us for shopping. If it’s a water park, we are in need of the swim suit and for other places; it includes buying of variety of eatables and a super cool picnic bag.
The preparations also include shopping for a ball, disk, or any gaming accessories. And looking at our zeal and enthusiasm, how can our mother stop herself from cooking for us? The preparations by mother include baking of cakes, sandwiches and many such eatables, due to which the bag of our eatables becomes heavier than the bag of the actual picnic accessories.

A Night before the Excursion:

No sleep, no hunger, no thirst, only excitement for tomorrow are some of the characteristics of the night before the excursion. Usually we feel sleepy at 10pm or 11pm, but this night our eyes are wide open and there is no trace of sleep. Now after a long time, we fall asleep at 2am in the night and we have the capacity of waking up at 5am in the morning!

And Here Comes the Day!

And of course, when we wake up at 5am, we will never miss this dialogue from your mother-‘My child, usually you can’t even wake up at 7, today how come you woke up at 5, that too without the alarm?’ Mother asks this in surprise and ignoring her words, we get ready as early as we can, dress up clean, dress up neat, dress up as handsome or beautiful as ever! The next, all we do is pick up the bags and head towards the bus. And we can’t forget our mother giving a set of 100 instructions and our reply is just ‘yes’ as all that we are thinking of is to get into the bus.

The Excursion:

We reach the place, make new friends, dance along with the teachers in the bus while going and coming back, we climb the slides, we watch the animals, play in water, forget everything and simply enjoy till we get tired! And the day of our excursion is over and all we wish is it would have extended a little more.



However tiring our excursion was, we keep telling whole of our family about the things we did the whole day! Indeed it’s the feeling of the heaven, and the treasure of the memories that we have collected to last for a lifetime for we not just enjoyed, but we made memories!

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