Paragraph on Our School Headmaster- by Rajan Karle


Our headmaster is the one who monitors the entire school. His name is Mr. Sharad Upadhye. He needs to manage all students learning in a school.

Being the head of the institution the headmaster always possesses greater responsibilities as compared to the teachers.


The destiny of the school depends on his able leadership and efficiency.


Being a headmaster is not a simple task. It is wisely said that the progress of a particular class depends on the respective class teacher but the progress of the entire school depends on a single person, i.e. the headmaster.


All school activities get supervised and controlled by the headmaster. He needs to examine the performance of students as well as the teachers.

He allows scholarships to the poor students. Besides this, he encourages the talented students by giving scholarships in deserving cases and takes keen interest in their progress.


He is accountable for maintaining good discipline at the school. He possesses the power of termination.

He controls everything – from classrooms to laboratories, from teachers’ common room to the entire premises.

His foremost task includes taking a round of the entire school. During this round, he checks every classroom. If a teacher of a particular class is absent then he immediately appoints another teacher for that class.

We recite a morning prayer everyday. After finishing the prayer, he instructs us to go the classrooms in a line. Besides this, he delivers a speech on current issues happening in the outside world.

Annual Function:

The opening ceremony of any of the school functions gets carried out by the headmaster. The function begins after he cuts the ribbon.

He supports all annual functions such as drama, competitions, sports, etc.

Our headmaster possesses all those qualities that an ideal headmaster should possess. Our headmaster is a hard working, very noble and an honest person. We all respect him a lot. We consider him a friend, philosopher and guide.

Methods of teaching:

He teaches in an excellent way. Whatever he teaches us we understand it immediately. He knows the magic to teach all types of students. He immediately realizes the question mark on our faces and makes the necessary changes in a teaching method.

Moral support:

He has often taught us a lot of things that aid us in every troubling situation. He provides necessary relevant examples to prove the importance of honesty. He is full of love and care for his students.


We must respect and love our headmaster as much as we love our parents. Our academic career depends on his blessings.

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