Paragraph on Our School Peon – by Rajan Karle


Our school peon is an honest person. His name is Mr. Rode. We used to call him Rode Kaka.

He is almost thirty five years old and working in the school since for the past ten years.



Our school peon does a lot for us. We cannot overlook the tasks and responsibilities that he carries every day. His uniform code includes a khaki pant and a white shirt. He needs to reach to the school early in the morning. His utmost duty is to keep the school clean and dirt free. Initially, he cleans the room of our headmaster and does the same with the staff office and the classrooms.


After cleaning, his second utmost priority is to control the school schedule. For this, he needs to ring the bell many times in a day. Our principal commands him on several tasks. He obeys all the instructions honestly.

Similarly many teachers seek his help in case of urgency. He immediately becomes active whenever anything wrong happens.

All students respect him a lot. Though he cannot teach us, all of us consider him another teacher because we get to learn many things through his work.


He and his working methods have taught us many things that are not available in the text books. He has taught us the importance of time. We have learnt the art of management through his working manners.


Our school peon is a sincere and loyal person. He never neglects the work given to him. He attends the school even during the summer vacation. He is very soft in nature. He never scolds anyone. He never complains against any student. On the other hand he requests us not to repeat our mistakes. This is a great quality in our school peon. His energetic behavior has inspired the headmaster and teachers.


Most of his time is spent sitting in front of the headmaster’s cabin. His workplace gets changed during the exam. He works as an additional moderator to keep watch on the cheating students. Also, he brings water to the students who feel thirsty during the exam.


All students miss him during the summer vacations. He likes chatting with us. He never hesitates to join us while playing a football. We share our lunch box with him during the lunch break. We have decided to plan a party for him which will show our respect for him. We treat him as a helpful human being and never as a school peon.

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