Paragraph on Our School’s Annual Function – by Rajan Karle


In every school there is an Annual function. This is generally held at the end of the academic session.

But in our school the annual function day took place on 15th December. Annual function is an additional activity in every school’s prospectus.


On this year, our school’s annual function was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The chief guest was Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

The stadium was flooded with invitees, dignitaries besides parents and students. Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity of listening to the great scientist and ex-president of India. Everyone was waiting for his arrival. He reached at the stadium exactly on the scheduled time. This highlights the importance of time in his life.


Some of our school girls honored him by giving a bouquet of flowers. The annual function began after the guests took their seat on the dais. He was smiling throughout the function. It appeared that Dr. Kalam was very happy amidst the students.

The chief guest was introduced by our headmaster. We came to know about Dr. Kalam many things which were unknown to us. After introduction the Headmaster recounted the achievements of our school. He also presented the achievements of our students in studies games and other extracurricular activities. He also presented the problems the school faced and a moving appeal to redress of those problems. Then the chief guest was requested to deliver his speech.


Mr. Kalam in his speech addressed the audience not to treat education as a subject of lesser importance. He made the environment friendlier by including every person into his speech. He asked us many questions and corrected our answers. He told about the rich cultural heritage and glorious past of India. He wanted students to be more industrious and worthy citizen of our country. His speech left an indelible impression on all of us present there.

The middle time of annual function included the ceremony of prize distribution. Students received prizes from the hands of the chief guest with great joy. The prize distribution was followed by a colorful cultural function presented by the school students. The science teacher gave vote of thanks to the chief guest and distinguished audience present there. The annual function came to an end with National anthem.


The Annual function day is a day of happiness and merrymaking.

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