Paragraph on Packing for an Outdoor Trip – by Jenny


Vacations are a time that is looked forward to by almost all of us. Travel plans are made ahead of time and visiting places during this time is real fun.

Mostly outdoor trips are planned based on the location to be visited and time of the year.


However, the key to enjoy your trip is smart packing. Packing for a trip should be done in the most effective manner, yet making it light and very smart.

What to carry:

While travelling, fewer luggages are more comfort and that is like a thumb rule. In order to have less luggage, one should have a proper idea of what they should be carrying and what are the important requirements that are needed, rather than just dumping in whatever you get in your hands. Some of the most important items that should not be missed from the list would include stuff like medications, eye wear, sufficient cash, and important documents (if travelling abroad).

Next would be your clothing. Know the place well and accordingly you could carry your clothes. Have some mix and matches, so that you have clothes in number to look at and less to carry around. Choose fittings that are comfortable for you, rather than just style. If going for trips like hiking or trekking, having shorts or comfortable pants are ideal and if going for camping or other outdoor activities, carrying clothing’s that are best suited for the situation is the ideal choice.

Apart from clothing, accessories are another important list. Carry thing things like sunglasses, personal hygiene accessories etc are all important and choose the most needed ones, rather than carrying everything with you.


Next are your foot wears. The most important yet trendy to look at you would be your footwear. Always choose what is most comfortable for you. Like in case you need to walk and climb a lot, carry a good pair of sport shoe and a thin light one for flat lands. Also use socks that are light and easy to dry, in case it may get wet.

To top this all, having a stock of some food that is light and easy to carry is one good option as you may never know, when you may be in need of it.

How to carry:

Usually people opt for large bags and then find it difficult to carry it around. Choose backpacks, this is not only comfortable but also spreads the weight and makes it easy for hands free movement, thereby making your travel a lot more comfortable and pleasurable. Choose bags that are light, yet spacious so that you would not feel the weight, yet would be able to fill in all your required stuff.


Travelling is fun and is certainly a hobby for many. However, if you have not made the right kind of planning and packing, your entire journey could be a mess and stress and the purpose of a vacation would be spoilt. Therefore, make sure in ahead of time as to what you would be carrying and make sure that you have the required stiff with you, in the most easy and accessible manner and make your journey the most memorable one.

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