Paragraph on Personality – by Silki


Personality differentiates one man from another. It’s the human character.

What kind of person you are, or what are your qualities, etc. can be identified from your personality largely.


Your attitude, thoughts and behaviour can be well comprehended from your personality. In all, the role of our personality is quite significant. Our personality is like our identity. To be very precise, personality comprises of our thoughts, attitude, feeling and behaviour. If you’re shy, that’s your personality. If you are extrovert, then that defines your personality.

Personality Differentiations:

Of course, mankinds are not born with any specific type of personality. What kind of personality a man will have that largely depends on within what kind of environment a child is raised. Yes, each of us has different personalities. So why men have different personalities? Because they are not born and brought up surrounded by the same type of people, family or environment. Can the personality of a man change during his lifetime? Personality traits can change sometime later depending on a person’s life experiences as well. Good experiences and exposures in life can make a man more optimistic and hopeful. On the contrary, a person having too many bad experiences in life can become very introvert and pessimistic by nature later in life. So, personality change is possible anytime during our lifetime. The basic human character remains unchanged in most of the time though.

Importance of Personality:

Not to forget our personality has a great effect on our overall life. What we think of our future, what we do to make it better, everything is highly influenced by our personality. We need to understand the fact that our personality rules our life. If I am not courageous, if I’m not extrovert or confident, that is my nature. It is certainly not so welcoming, of course. To succeed in life, make our life better and amazing, we need to be bold, confident, positive and determined. This is why, our personality traits are very important. If we are lucky enough to be raised by good parents and a great family, that is the best. If we are not, we have to make it better.

Improvement of Personality:

As personality controls our behaviour and actions, we surely need to learn ways to improve it. We can work on personality development. We can join personality enhancement program to overcome the flaws of our characters. We have to accompany ourselves with good people in order to learn about the great personality traits and improve ours. We humans are social animal. We are highly influenced by our society by and large. So, to improve your personality, try to be with good people. Their thoughts, actions and approach toward the life will help you alter your personality and make it better.


Good personality improvement programs are also very beneficial in this case. These programs have been designed to cater to the individual needs of the people.


What I mean to say is that our personality has a huge effect on our life overall. So, even if you’re not perfect in terms of your actions, decisions and judgements, you can make it near to perfect with the help of your own willpower and others.

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