Paragraph on Picnic at Botanical Garden – by Jenny


A botanical garden is one where a garden would be dedicated to a wide range of collection, display and cultivation to a wide range of variety of plants labeled with their botanical names.

There would be a wide range of collection of either one species or different species of plants.


These gardens are usually run by either some universities or scientific research organizations. The common visitors at the botanical garden include tourists, students from educational institutes, families and many more. We also happened to visit one such botanical garden for our picnic from school.

Picnic at the Botanical garden:

We had planned a trip to the botanical garden from our school and we were all going for a picnic at the botanical gardens in Ooty. We have made our plans several months before and had made the required arrangements for the great visit that we were all looking forward to. The journey started morning and we reached by evening only. Hence we had a night stay in Ooty. The next day, we all got ready early in the morning and by the entry time at the Botanical Garden, we had reached there. After the entry procedures were done, we all entered the great beauty of Ooty. It was truly breathtaking!

There were so many varieties of plants in the garden that we did not even know from where to start. There were many numbers of flowering plants in different sizes and shapes and similarly there were also many non-flowering and ornamental plants that were displayed there. All had their botanical names and the details of where and how they are grown and found. We were also guided by a guide who gave us lot of information`s regarding the plants in the garden. The gardens was really vast and were all tired by the time we completed the walk through the entire garden.

The Return:

After a totally tired yet exciting and informative day, we were all heading to our rooms and took rest for the night. We began our return journey early next day and we were very happy as we had a great opportunity to see the beautiful Botanical Garden that is world renowned and had gathered much information that was truly priceless.

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