Paragraph on Problems Faced by Working Woman

Some of us often think working women of our country live a pretty carefree life because they’re financially independent.

But that’s not the case always. Maybe their life is a bit different than women who have no professional commitments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have any life challenges.


I don’t mean to hurt the feeling of any woman, but sometimes I think the life of the working woman could be more challenging given the conditions like safety issues at the workplace, sexual abuse, maintaining professional and personal life balance, family pressure and expectation. A male dominated society doesn’t appreciate woman’s self dependence.

So, one of the most common problems faced by working woman of our country is the horrible safety issue. Available public commuting options are simply not reliable from the safety of the journey point of view. Public transport systems like bus and an auto-rickshaw can be crowded with disrespectful riders. Late working hours become extremely dangerous as travelling through the public transportation system can become daunting at times.

Sadly, some organizational cultures are also not very encouraging for working women. Female workers with financial problems are forced to compromise their self integrity. Sometimes even a fair performance evaluation is denied to them despite having the same skills and work results like the male counterparts. So, even the day to day professional life is not easy for a working woman.

Considering the duty of a married Indian woman toward her family, it’s not hard to understand that coping up with increased family demand and professional commitments at the same time can be one of the most common problems faced by working woman.


Education of girls in India still isn’t a priority. They are still expected to only look after their family and serve the family members. I believe Indian men will take another decade to understand working women are equally equipped and competent to acquire professional accomplishments. A working woman can also be the bread earner of the family. Thankfully, society outlook regarding the freedom and rights of women is gradually changing. Now a girl can become a working woman and choose the career she aspires as her first priority.

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