Paragraph on Puja Vacations- by Anand


Puja vacations are the longest vacations after the summer and winter holidays. Schools and colleges are closed for over a week.


Durga Puja is celebrated with great majesty and vigour at my home town. The important period of the Puja lasts for 4 days but throughout the month, people remain in festive spirits.

The whole city is lighted up during that time and the people try to spend these few days with as much fun and fervor as possible.

Plans for the Puja Vacations:

In the anticipation of the fun and joy which will be experienced during the vacations makes me more and more enthusiastic and excited about it. I start planning as to what to do on each day of the vacations with my cousins. The planning usually starts one month prior to the vacations. The planning was meticulously done. The first day i.e. Saptami was to be spent with some of my best friends.


Celebration on the First 2 Days:

The traffic was crazy on the streets and we planned to visit the pandals of Goddess Durga decorated in different style and ornamentation all over the town. The food joints nearby these pandals were the main attraction. We also went on the giant wheel and enjoyed a lot. I was initially scared as it was my first time experience but soon I got a hang of it.

We returned home very late that day on account of the amazing time we had. I was expecting my mother to burst out on me but she was very calm about it and she got me dinner. Me and my parents then went to the neighbourhood for the cultural program of our locality and enjoyed till late night.

The Main Day of the Puja:

The Ashtami is considered as the main day of the Puja. I woke up very early in the morning and dressed up myself for the Puja at my home. Everyone wore new that day. After the puja at home, we went out together, family and relatives. Everyone went and gathered in the main hall of our locality for the bhog. My cousin who was out of station, also arrived that day making it all the more enjoyable and fun. We went out for dinner and had a great time catching up on each other’s lives.

The Last Day of the Puja Vacations:

The Dashami is the last day of the Durga Puja. It is the day when everything comes to an end. The happiness on everyone’s faces starts to fade. The house which remained decorated with lights for the four days becomes the same old after Dashami. It becomes very difficult to get back to the normal routine as the festive mood remains for a long time. It becomes very disheartening and painful to watch the pandals being taken down after the Durga Puja is over.


The sadness does not stay for long as I know that the puja vacations will again come next year. The fact that I have to go back to school again makes me a little cranky. But with the hope of celebrating the next year’s Durga Puja with more joy and spirit, makes me motivated to go to school and study and become responsible.

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