Paragraph on Ringing of School Bell –by Jenny


Every school has a bell and the sound of bell after each period is either dreaded or looked forward to depending on the next hour of the day.

Without bells in schools, it is quite difficult to maintain an order of the class hours and recess timings and to have a control on these; the sound of a bell is the best way.

How are bells important in schools?


From morning till the class ends, every hour is managed by bells and there are different tones for bells introduced so that children would understand as what was the purpose of the bell that was rung. Morning, bells would be rung, for gathering into classrooms and lining up for the morning assembly. Once the assembly is over a single bell would indicate that it is time for classes to begun, after every period, a bell would be rung to indicate that the particular hour is done for the day and the next hour would be beginning shortly.

Double bells are rung during intervals, so that students understand that the bells are for recess, refreshing and having food. At the end of the day, a long bell is rung which indicates that the day in school is done and it`s time to be at home. In case there is anything else to be let known to the students in between, a bell would be rung and announcements would be made. Bells are very much important in every schools across the globe as the sound of the bell brings in proper schedule and timing for each activity.


The stroke of each bell is crucial and it in fact implements a kind of discipline to the students in their school activities and makes them get used to time management and make things get done within a specified time limit. Bells are very crucial during examinations and tests, which gives them an idea when to start and stop their work and how to manage the required things within the specified time limit. Hence a bell is the most important tool in a school and it is one that manages time and brings in discipline, though nobody actually understands or realizes it.

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