Paragraph on Role of Entertainment in Modern Life – by Supriya

Role of entertainment in modern life:

Though modern life has made people very busy in their day today lives, people are still able to make time for entertainment.

The video and audio enjoyments have come up with the advent of various types of multimedia devices. Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and leisure today.


Music helps to relax people, in the fast paced modern society, suffering from stress and tension. Music can improve the mood and can comfort a person who is feeling fidgety and tiredness. These days we have various types compact sized multimedia music players like iPod, MP4 & MP3. Nowadays we have constant upgradation of electronic products that are more convenient and enjoyable.

Watching movies and TV shows is another form of entertainment. While sitting at our homes we may watch various types of programs on the screen of our computer, laptops or television. The networks allow convenience to watch live shows on TV screen (happening at various corners of our city and countries). People who fail to watch live shows can download them on their computer or laptops to watch them later.

With the help of advanced headrest DVD players these days we can also enjoy watching films and shows while travelling in our cars.

Games as a part of entertainment:

Games play an exciting and interesting role in entertainment today. Playing online games can bring refreshment in the life of hard working individuals. This can help them bring a positive attitude towards life. You can now play computer games while sitting anywhere. With the advancement of technology the portable devices available in the market support two-player games. You can now play with your near and dear ones at any time. Hence multimedia devices have added a lot of fun and enjoyment to our stressful & boring lives. In this stressful world one needs recreation from time to time. Cinema is highly refreshing and entertaining. In the cinema hall one can enjoy the acting of great stars, melodious music and thrilling scenes. The cinema as an entertainment has educative value. Great novels and dramas are made into pictures.

Negative impact of entertainment:


Violence has a big role to play in entertainment. Since the invention of television, legislators, parents, mental health professionals and teachers are highly concerned with respect to the content of programs telecasted on cinema and TV and its adverse impact on our society, specially children. It has a telling effect on moral values. However the popularity of the modern entertainment in the world today is beyond measure.

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