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Room-mates are generally the people with whom we share a room in school, college hostel, or in paying guests.


Although it sounds pretty casual, but it’s very important to understand that our room-mates can have very bad effects on our life if they are not good human beings. In school hostels, the scenario remains a little different. The risk of any bad influence remains low as it’s a very restrictive environment. Behaviors and actions of students are closely monitored in schools and school hostels. But, after that, you should be very cautious while choosing room-mates for your paying guests, for example.

Why Choose Room-mates carefully?

Because your room-mates can have a lot of bad influence on you. If you’re not smart enough to keep the control of your life in your own hand, you can be easily persuaded. Moreover you may have to spend quite a significant amount of time with your room-mates, there will be chances of fights as well. So, it’s important that you choose your room-mates wisely. It’s best if you get to choose the known people as your room-mates. By that I mean a person, with whom you have been studying for quite a long time can be your room-mate. Not necessarily that person has to be as good as you are, but, at least he/she should be good behaved person with good habits.

How Bad Room-mates can Be?


The influence of room-mates can be bad enough to ruin your career and life. Yes, many types of people are out there. Some room-mates would envy your aptitude level and progress in professional life. They would not like your success. Remember, it’s not easy to know and understand people from the outside as humans can be very pretending. Your room-mates can pretend to be very happy to see your success and progress. But you never know what’s going on in their mind. This is why never belief always what you see.

If your room-mate is not happy for your success, he/she might not tell you that upfront or let you know about that. If your room-mate wants to be better than you, rather than trying to improve his/her own efforts, he/she might try to hurt you or distract you from your goals. People like this are very common. Sadly, most people will be like that. This is why, never belief or trust room-mates beyond your intuition.


Room-mates can be harmless as well. If you’re lucky, you can get a very good room-mate who can direct you, or show you a good path. A good room-mate should not mislead you, or try to distract you from the aim of your life ideally. He/she should try to encourage you to study, concentrate on your exams, and encourage you for group study instead. A good room-mate can become your lifetime friend. He/she can protect you from bad influences, offer help during the time of distress and any danger. Good room-mates should try to keep you focused on your work. He/she should motivate you all the time. So, try to choose room-mates very wisely, especially when you are living and working in an unknown city.

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