Paragraph on Scene of a Crowded Market – by Jenny


Markets are the prime local business areas of a town. People flock in to buy things according to their requirements and hence markets have an important role both for buyers and sellers.


Sales are very much effective in markets and it is considered to be a place with fair deals as far a buyer and seller is concerned. Therefore a market would always be crowded with people coming in going out for to meet their needs.

Scene at a crowded market in my locality:

We live in a place named Kadavanthra and there is a big market which is commonly also called as the Kadavanthra Market. It is a huge market and almost all kinds of food related stuff is available there at very good prices. It is situated almost at the most happening junction and hence attracts customers almost all through the day.

Every morning, I do see people flocking in to this market to purchase vegetables and fruits for their daily needs. You could hear bargains happening in very loud noises and in some cases a dispute too. After the early morning rush, the next rush is seen by mid-day, where mostly ladies come to purchase things that are required and again the bargaining deals happen to be much louder than what was heard during the morning hours. Then by evening is when the next major activity happens. This happens regularly and it has almost become a routine for people like us who live nearby.


Apart from the fruit and vegetable stalls in this market which is at the entry, going further inside, you would see the fish and meat markets where almost all the time, business happens. Here the bargains are much louder and the vendors compete with one another when a customer walks in. It is so noisy and messy, the customer just feels like being out at the earliest.

Going through these markets on foot is the best way to get to places and to different vendors for effective purchases. Since it is highly packed and thickly crowded, moving in a vehicle is almost impossible.


To be in a market does require lots of patience and observation and above all alertness as there are so many kinds of people and vendors and transactions that take place and you should make sure that you are not being duped at any point. I have noticed how sometime people are duped with high charges if not noticed and corrected then and there.

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