Paragraph on School Farewell Function – by Supriya


A farewell function of a school is an occasion to bid good bye to its senior most or 12th class students for their future life.


This function usually takes place within the school premises of every school.

During the farewell function an emotionally charged atmosphere surrounds the school because the students feel very sad and nostalgic to leave the premises to continue their studies further by taking admission in other colleges. A farewell function is organized by the juniors, usually the 10th & 11th class students.

Highlights of a farewell function:

A school which organizes a farewell function for its senior most students invites a chief guest to witness the occasion. A chief guest further felicitates the meritorious scholars by giving them the letters of citation & medals on the occasion. The function usually starts with the school anthem, special prayers and lighting of lamps accompanied by various other activities. The juniors prepare various types of speeches, dances, quizes, games, etc. to show gratitude and love towards their seniors.


Various awards given by the school to its students during farewell:

Throughout their academic years the students work hard in various fields to make their Alma Mater proud. Farewell is the best time to honor those students with special recognition awards. The school Principal honors the hardworking students by mentioning their names. At the same time, the students who are ready to leave the school premises with fond memories prepare speeches to thank their Principal, teachers & classmates.

The students are awarded with various awards like:

a. Best performer in academics

b. Highest attendance award

c. Best sportsperson

d. Most beautiful/ handsome person (along with 1st & 2nd runner up)

e. Versatile genius award

f. House captain award & many other awards

When the farewell function ends, the juniors mention the school’s mission and sing the school anthem. Then the seniors take a pledge and promise to carry forward the school’s traditions by making positive contributions to the society in the future.

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