Paragraph on Spring Season in India – by Jenny


Spring is a wonderful season and the most appreciated season by the people of India. It is normally known as the queen of seasons.

Usually spring season comes after the winter season and hence people welcome with much happiness. It begins almost by the mid or towards the end of February till mid of April.


Nature looks best during spring with its entire beauty revealed. Flowers blossom and trees with life all make it a lot more merrier and beautiful to be around.


Since Spring follows the winter, the climate would be pleasant as it would neither be too hot nor too cold. Nature looks so charming and inviting and it truly invites us to be in the open for most of the time. The colors of nature, the flowers , bees and butterflies fluttering around, birds singing and chirping and on the whole a beauty to be around with nature. A walk through the fields is just mind blowing with the greenery and beauty it beholds. Since the climate is cool, it is really a pleasure to take a walk in the meadows and fields and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This is the perfect season for celebrations like weddings and other functions. Most weddings are conducted during this season as it is the perfect timing with not much heat or cold or rains and a season that makes guests comfortable to be in. A season that is truly welcomed and enjoyed in every walk of life!


On the whole, it is the spring season that is welcomed than any other season by people across the globe. A season that just brings in beauty not only to nature but also to all living beings in their respective manner. The rivers flowing, the meadows in green, valleys all bloomed with beautiful flowers and the cool breeze that flows through all this just makes it the perfect season of the year that makes it pleasant both for body and mind. Spring is truly the King of all seasons…

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