Paragraph on Students and Politics – by Anand


Students play a major role in the development of the country. India is a country of a billion people and a rich cultural history.

India is still developing as a nation and trying to compete with the major world powers.


However, our country is not perfect. There exist many flaws which hinder our country from competing with world powers. Students being the youngest citizens of the country also play a major role in the society which indirectly contributes to the development of the country.

Political Participation:

Students should also take part in the politics of the country so that they become aware of the government, state and their affairs. Such political participation by the students would ensure more awareness and better governance. Political participation by students is of utmost importance in the present day.

Each Student Must Vote:

The first step towards getting involved in the politics of the country is by voting. Every student of India above the age of 18 years shall cast vote in the elections. Casting vote implies a responsible citizen. To deal with the nuances of the politics in the country, each student must first vouch to be a responsible citizen.

Debates and Discussion:

Students of our country must participate in debates and discussions in the public forum and try to engage the people of the country in the same as well. Such debates not only result in the overall development of the students but also help in generating a popular opinion of the people of the country. The debates and discussions could be relating to the following topics:


1) Poverty in India:

Poverty is the most glaring issue of India which requires immediate attention. Much of India’s population is below the poverty line and do not even earn the basic minimum wage. Empowerment of such people is the need of the hour. The government should ensure that they are provided with the basic amenities and that their livelihood is secure. Legal aid clinics must be set up in remote areas and the correspondence of poor people with government authorities must be made easier.

2) Education in India:

Primary education despite being a fundamental right has still not been effectively implemented. The student teacher ratio is alarmingly disproportionate. Many government schools remain vacant because of lack of maintenance and dearth of students. The government of our country must strive to ensure that all the children below 14 years of age are given basic elementary education.

3) Health Sector of India:

Over a hundred people die every couple of days in India because of starvation or excessive dehydration. Certain government hospitals have dearth of doctors and the patients suffering from terminal diseases. The government should ensure that more hospitals are opened and especially in the remote areas of the country where people do not get immediate medical care.


In this way, the students of our country can help in the developmental process. To build a better India, the deficiencies in the aforementioned sections must be addressed. Students and politics must complement each other. A responsible government and an actively participating student community can cure these blots in our system and lead India on the path of betterment.

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