Paragraph on Telephone – by Silki


Is telephone very important for our society? A telephone is a gift of evolving technology.

As we all know, our society is very much dependant on it. When the telephone was first discovered, it used to be only a medium of communication between two people sitting at two distant places.


Now when technology has become so advanced, telephones are used as a means of tons of other important things. Today, a telephone is not only a medium of communication, the add-on features also make it the best tool for exchanging important information and enjoying music, road navigation and many other benefits.

Importance of Telephone:

A telephone is very important for us these days. The positive sides of the telecommunication system are that more than two people can communicate through this system at the same time. The biggest invention is the mobile system. This is the most convenient form of telephone that has made communication faster and easier. We take this simple and small device wherever we go. Earlier a telephone used to be available as a huge wired device that can only be arranged on the top of a table.

Now the overall system has become so easily manageable. The advancement of technology has simplified the communication system and made it better. With the help of telephones, we can now contact our closed ones faster than before. There is no need of writing letters and waiting for days to receive a telegram. A telephone can connect you with the desired person within seconds.

With the help of the telephone system, business enterprises now can now pay attention to the consumer complaints quickly and efficiently. Consumers can lodge a product complain over the telephone and communicate with the supplier to help them understand the problem. So, overall the telephone system is beneficial for our society as well.

Disadvantages of Telephone:


Like any other technological advancements, a mobile telephone has also its disadvantages. A telephone has increased our dependence on it to a huge extent. We’re so accustomed to use this communication system that our brain’s ability has decreased substantially. Our brain now cannot remember numbers well. Yes, before the invention of the mobile telephone system, people used to remember the telephone numbers correctly. Now, as we can store the telephone numbers inside the mobile device, we don’t need to remember them. This has reduced our brain’s ability to remember things.


Life without telephone can’t be imagined anymore. We’re so much habitual of using this system that we now can’t go back to the habits of early days. The benefits of telephone are also the biggest reasons we don’t want to live without it. The only disadvantage is our dependence on it. If you can limit your dependence on the telephone to some extent, it will be beneficial.

We need to teach the same things to our new generations. Apart from that, there is nothing bad about it. Telephone is for the safety, convenience and benefit of the society. To be able to use the telephone for our benefit, we’ve to know how to use the technology without being too much dependant on it.

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