Paragraph on Terrorism – by Rajan

Terrorism means scattering fear and appalling people in any possible way.

It has grown to be a global phenomenon. Some countries support spreading terrorism in the world for achieving their political aims.



Social organization and regulation, supremacy of civilization and government are reliant on good quality communication, whereas good quality communication involves concurrence on depictions of terminology. Terrorism can vividly manipulate the humanity, as exposed by the sweeping and long-drawn-out outcomes of the attacks in Mumbai happened on 26th November and in New York happened on 11th September.


The meaning of terrorism will definitely influence communication and reaction to this problem; and thus have outlay for humanity and government. On the other hand an appropriate widespread meaning stays indefinable since diverse bodies, associations and political parties have dissimilar definitions to go with their individual responsibility, intention or prejudice.


Who encourages terrorism?

Some religious countries encourage terrorism by providing them training and advanced deadly weapons for carrying out iniquitous acts in other countries. Terrorists hardheartedly take life of innocent people. The thought in the wake of this cruel act is to increase terror amid people and obliterate government equipment. Therefore, terrorism is a sadistic sphere which can wreck a nation and the most saddening part is that some religious countries are still seeding the plants of terrorism.

What we have lost because of terrorism?

Terrorism has already ruined our country. The terrorist attacks happened in our country had previously clutched the valuable lives of India’s two most popular Prime Ministers, Sh. Rajiv Gandhi and Smt. Indira Gandhi. Our country has lost precious lives of many innocent people during the terrorist attack happened in Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. On 13th December 2001, terrorists attacked our parliament as well. Needless to say, every time our valiant soldiers show those cruel terrorists a way to the hell.

Terrorism has ruined western countries as well. On 11th September 2001, they attacked on the World Trade Center. This incidence was the intimidation that lastly compelled the world to make a stern rethinking regarding the problem.

Reasons behind their power:

The menace of terrorism has gradually amplified since the previous 30 years. In the midst of progress in technology and machinery, their attacks have transpired destructive to a great extent and the executors of those attacks more vague.

A handful group of cruel people espouses aggressive means in regard to what do they trust to be a societal or spiritual cause? The vested diplomatic concerns or governmental selfishness – at times both together – put in fuel to flames, as a result of which the turbulence rooted by only some vicious people twirls into some sort of a brutal faction and slowly gets structured. This is how the terrorism has originated, to set it plainly.


It is our responsibility to eradicate the roots of terrorism. One of the supreme methods which can be exploited to fight against terrorism is just get people drawn into this issue and make certain that they realize how significant it is to inform police regarding everything which is suspicious. This is particularly factual at railway stations, airports, bus-stands and other places that have a large amount of crowd.

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