Paragraph on the Disadvantage of Being Poor- by Silki


The disadvantage of being poor is that we don’t get to live with many of the basic amenities of life.

If we are poor, this means our life will be worse. Our life gets extremely difficult in every aspect. Take our country India, for example.


The main disadvantage of being poor is that we can’t afford to buy a roof on our head easily. Think about the property prices in India. The price of living is skyrocketing every single day. If you’re poor, you’ll be deprived of many of your basic rights as being a part of the society.

Being Poor is a Curse:

Being poor are a kind of curse in today’s world. Life gets tougher and complicated. Today money is everything. Forget about the luxury of life, we can’t even manage the basic living rights, as I said earlier. The disadvantage of being poor is that a poor person is never treated as a normal part of the society. They are being dominated by the powerful and rich people. If you’re poor, this means you’ve to tolerate the injustice and violations. Your complaints about discriminations and misdeeds won’t be heard or taken seriously. The pain is that your problems will never be given priority over the others.

Disadvantage of Being Poor:

What you think are the basic necessities for a living? A home, food and education, right? These things will get the most difficult for you. Being poor, a person won’t be able to arrange enough money to buy a house and fund proper education for his/her child. Everything is expensive nowadays, even the education. Abnormal population in our country has been the reason why schools are running out enough seats for child admission. Richer people buy seats through admission donation. The underprivileged people can’t do that.

The disadvantage of being poor is that our country does no fair with the poor people. The hard fact is that the poor people are neglected in our society. It’s not only that they don’t earn enough to buy the luxury of life; the poor people can’t even afford to have what they can. The disadvantage of being poor is that your opinion or suggestion is never taken seriously, even if it’s invaluable and better than the others. So nothing really good happens to the poor people of our society.



So, the basic disadvantage of being poor is that you can’t arrange a good house for the safety of your family no matter how hard you try. You will never be heard and seen. A poor person almost doesn’t exist for the other privileged people in our society. For a poor person, the basic survival will be difficult beyond imagination.

The poor people in our society are perceived as the weaker section. Because of having no renowned social recognition and power, the poor people of our society become an easy target to crimes and violations of rights. The basic intention of the Govt. should be eliminating social inequality. The disadvantage of being poor is that the life becomes the toughest thing that one can even imagine.

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