Paragraph on the Effects of Exercising – by Anand


Exercising comprises activities in which one has to exert the muscles of the body in various ways to keep fit.

Exercise tends to keep one healthy and in good shape. However, exercising requires regular working out and also following a healthy diet.


Exercise includes stretching the body, doing push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, jogging, running, swimming etc. A person cannot have fast food and exercise and then expect to see changes in his body. Exercise has to be accompanied with a proper diet.

Why Do We Need To Exercise?

Recent surveys and studies show that obesity has started becoming a very serious social problem amongst teenagers, middle aged men and also elderly people. One of the most pertinent reasons for obesity is the lack of physical activity which leads to the low consumption of energy. The temptation for newer varieties of food, the lack of exercise etc have made it almost a necessity for everyone to start exercising to remain fit.

Exercise Keeps Us Healthy:

Exercising for half an hour to one hour each day keeps us healthy. Exercising can help in improving the function of the lungs and heart, the felicity of the joints enhances due to exercise, the nervous system and the digestive system also work properly with regular exercise. The exercise however should be done after taking into account one’s own physical condition. If a person exceeds his capacity while exercising, it may result in fatigue, dizziness etc. People with heart condition are advised not to go for jogging or running. However, jogging and running is advised for obese people.

Exercise Keeps Us in High Spirits:

Regular exercise helps in the secretion of endorphins which increases the feelings of pleasure and keeps a person in his best spirits. When in a bad mood or tensed, one should exercise so as to relive some stress. A person in a bad mood not only affects himself but also the people around him. Exercise helps in removing this negativity from a person. Mental health is equally important as physical health and exercise helps in maintaining the two.

Exercise Develops Our Stature:


Exercise develops the athletic build in a man and keeps a woman in a slender stature. With the development of the time and the society, the stature of a person is paid more attention to. Obese people are trying different methods to reduce their weight. They even go to the extent of using weight loss pills and operations. However, these have dangerous side effects. If one cannot afford to go to the gym either because of time or the paucity of money, he should start doing manual exercises at home.


Exercise has a very good impact on both the physical as well as the mental health of the people. It builds the stature of a person and also keeps him active in the social spheres. However, to exercise regularly, requires determination and zeal. If a person truly wants to remain healthy, he has to exercise for at least an hour each day.

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