Paragraph on the Effects of Stress on Students in High School – by Silki


With the mounting pressure of exceptional academic performance, the undesirable effect of stress on students in high school is bound to increase.

We know that students have to perform above average if they are looking for an esteemed career choice.


But, putting the extra burden of skyrocketing expectation is not going to add any extra value. We know that fierce competition doesn’t allow any great opportunities to the non performers. But, we have to understand that student’s, who are mere children, sometimes go through acute mental turbulence because of the rigid performance criteria enforced upon them.

Unexpected Consequences of Stress:

The effects of stress on students can be beyond your imagination. Not all of us are bold enough to handle stress tactfully, right? Similarly, we can’t expect children to be that much mentally strong. They can’t cope up with severe stressful conditions at this sensitive age. Stress can do hundreds of bad things to a child or teenager.

When a student can’t share his/her obligations with parents, it creates a mental blockage where he/she finds no way to escape the increasing fear of failure. Children or teenagers are not habitual of stress management. They take it as a threat. As a result, the effects of stress on students can be as severe as unexpected suicidal attempts.

The Effects of Stress on Students:

Stress invites depression. Depression is a condition where the rational thinking power of a human being is desecrated. This means, a child going through depression may fail to concentrate, speak clearly to his/her parents, will show declining academic results, unnatural behavior and react harshly or abruptly to a situation.


A student, who is going through stress in the high school, may slowly get detached from his/her friends. The teenager will be inclined to spend time inside the house and alone, of course. These types of conditions are not going to get them anything, except a collapsed human character and personality.

A depressed teenager will not be able to compete in the professional world. He/she will never be good at quick and rational decision making. Lack of communication creates distance in relations. When a student fears his/her failure, but can’t share the feeling with parents, it turns into devastating consequences. Some students even attempt suicide seeing stress as an unmanageable condition. So, if parents think that setting higher performance criteria will do good things for their children that are absolutely wrong.


Parents fail to realize that not only the degrees or academic performances count for professional success. Students need to be active in extra-curricular activities as well. Achievements in the extracurricular activities add value to their personal characters. Furthermore, the extracurricular activities make them dynamic. Again, students don’t have to be successful as Educationists, doctor or engineer always.

A profession can be selected as per the personal passion and interests. The effects of stress on the body and mind are always undesirable. As we said already, extreme stress can disturb a student’s normal thinking ability, which is why he/she will be most likely to commit more mistakes. At the end, it’s not going to do anything good for a student’s life. Instead, the effects of stress on students in high school can turn them into unsuccessful professionals.

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