Paragraph on the Importance of Electricity – by Silki

Importance of electricity relies on the fact that it’s the most widely used substance in the modern world. Electricity is the soul of modern civilization.

We’re so accustomed to it now that we can’t afford to go without it. An important fact to remember is that electricity is an ever growing technology.


Importance of electricity is clearly visible from the fact that even a simple and small manufacturing process in a plant needs electricity for normal functioning. Although there was no electricity during the evolution of mankind, we’ve no idea about how the world used to be without the existence of this powerful energy.

Don’t you think our life would have been completely different without the help of the electricity? You would have no electronic mediums to read the international news. You would have no electronic appliances to prepare food. Everything had to be done manually, without the help of the machines.

Because machines need power or electricity to function. So, if there were no electricity, there would have been no machines. With the advancement of day to day life’s comfort, the importance of electricity has also increased. We’re now living a life with too many facilities. And electricity has a contribution to it.

Industrial and agricultural production cannot be raised without electricity in bulk quantity and with uninterrupted supply. Importance of electricity can also be realized from the fact that hospitals are now more medically equipped. Advanced equipments used in the hospitals need electricity for normal operations. Many of these medical equipments have helped to stabilize the critical health aspects. Our quality of life would have been hugely impacted if there were no electricity.


Electricity has made us intelligent and healthier. Electricity is one of the most remarkable inventions truly speaking. With electricity, our dependence on papers has reduced to a great extent. For example, now we use tablets, phones to read newspapers and we’re now asked many times to make an electronic submission of important documents to comply with different formalities. This is good because it reduces the use of papers and thus the problem of deforestation. As it has many contributions to the modern world, the importance of electricity is immeasurable. The production of electricity is of great importance. There are signs of deforestation, falling water tables, eroding soils, rising temperatures and rivers running dry.

Coal is the main source of energy and there are limited reserves of the same. The nonconvertible energy is the only alternative. Several technologies for power generation have been developed. Electricity is important to our habitation, and essential for our domestic and social life. Electricity is a must for the social development, human welfare and growth of economy.

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