Paragraph on the Independence Day of India– by Rajan

Independence Day of India has got marvelous importance in the golden pages of history.

On 15th August 1947, India tasted the flavor of liberty after having a long 150 years fight with the British rule.



The nation that operates on its own is called as an Independent nation. Independent India didn’t get this freedom for free. The whole world has seen the dedication of our freedom fighters who gave their life for the motherland.


It took a lot of efforts, passivity and non-violence movements to make our country an independent one. On this day, the first Prime Minister of our country, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the tri-color flag at Red Fort in Delhi.

Since then, it has become most frequent activity to hoist our national flag on this day. We deliver our respect towards the country when we salute our national flag. We highlight our unity when we sing our national anthem together. We show the purity of our heart when we distribute sweets on this day.


This day gets celebrated nationwide. On this day, all Indians unite together and forget the regular minor conflicts. The celebration of this day goes far beyond the caste, faith, religion and living standard. All people mix up and strengthen the power of unity inside our country.


No one works on this day since it is regarded as the national holiday. Yet, people attend the flag hoisting ceremony nearby to their house.

The celebration of this day starts early in the morning at sunrise. The Prime Minister of country raises the flag in the opening part of the ceremony. Several chief guests including ministers, government officers, army people and many more attend this function at Red Fort.

After hoisting the flag, all people sing the national anthem “Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay He, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata”. The function includes many programs such as breathtaking activities by army commanders, jet plane shows, culture revelation by all states, etc.

All schools celebrate this day in an interesting manner. School principal or any other guest raises the flag to start the function. Then all students sing the national anthem. Celebration of this day in school includes sweet distribution, sport competitions, prize distributions and many more.

People who cannot attend the government or school functions celebrate this day locally. They raise the national flag in their colony, residential society or garden.

The memories of our freedom fighters get sustained by means of this day. We pay homage to their souls by giving a tribute. We tell their souls that they are still alive inside our hearts. Whatever we are today is because of scarifies given by our beloved freedom fighters. The fight given by them will inspire us throughout our life.


The Independence Day of India means a big celebration with lots of love and enthusiasm. This day brings joy, pleasure and nationalism in our life. We respect our country from the bottom of our heart. All Indians seem to be ready to do anything for their adored motherland.

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