Paragraph on the King of Jungle – Lion – by Rajan

The king of jungle – lion is a most powerful animal. Lion lives in a group moderated by allied female lions.

This animal has royal existence into jungles that resembles to the lifestyle of a king.



The lion is a feral and wild mammal with a splendid emergence and majestic lifestyle. The male lions have graceful curls and a flowing mane. They are called to be the ‘king of the animals’, in support of their glamour in look and poise of character. Lions never hunt other mammals unless they are ravenous. They are not as brutal as a tiger.


The group of lions is called as Prides. Mostly a pride consists of around fifteen individuals and sometimes reaches the number of forty lions per pride. After a certain time period, male cubs break out from the group and usually grow to be wanderers. They merely break out from the pride when confronted by other lions. Nomads or grown-up lions typically trek solitary or else in a group.


Body Structure:

This mammal has got large head with a lustrous look into its eyes. It can easily hunt any other animal with its razor-sharp teeth, pointed nails, and burly scrapes. The stylish look of a lion includes grayish, silky and soft hair extended all over the body. Lions are never known for a speed and pace as similar to cheetahs, yet are for the furtiveness.

Hunting methods:

Its favorite food is a fresh flesh. It never attacks weaker and feeble animals. This is why it is identified as a Nobel Beast. Normally male lions do not hunt mammals. It is a female lion i.e. lioness who hunts for nourishing the entire family that contains the male lion and her lovely cubs. But at times, the male lions take part in hunting if required, to win over the large animals.

What makes this beast a king of the jungle?

So, what kind of specialties makes lions the king of animals and the entire jungle? It has indefinable strength and power, but are these specialties sufficient for becoming a king?

Lions do not have terror of other animals, conversely, just similar to a ruler lions too have foes. Hyena is a lion’s nastiest enemy in a jungle. The food habits of lions and hyenas are almost same; therefore these two mammals regularly draw into clash over foodstuff.

Lions too uphold command just as a king. A king keeps command by creating rules and grueling those who don’t stand for. Similarly a lion keeps equilibrium in jungle by slaying a number of animals. In the dearth of lions, the group of antelopes will overcrowd and obliterate the entire resources of grass in the jungles.

Lions take up rest for almost 20 hours in a day. The entire day schedule of a lion includes eating flesh, drinking water and sleeping on a smooth surface. In this regard, they have a royal life like a king.


This is how lions are the most privileged mammal on earth. This mammal has all qualities of a king. The existence of lions is seen in the jungles of India and Africa. We could also see lions in the circus show or the zoo.

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