Paragraph on the Most Useful Invention – by Jenny


“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” whoever said these words have had definitely a great sight on what things were and how far things would get to.

From the beginning of mankind till date, all that we enjoy now are the outcome of great inventions by great people at some part of their lives. Without these inventions, we may not have all that we have today, in abundance.

Most useful Invention:


From the beginning a lot many inventions have taken place. Inventions like the electricity steam engine, aero-plane, antibiotics, printers, internet, gadgets and the list would just go on. In order to give a priority or importance on one particular invention would not be an easy task as all these are interconnected to each other in one way or the other and without the invention of all these, life would never have been the way it is now.

Let us look in detail. The invention of electricity has leaded us to the world of light. In fact, today almost everything runs on electricity and one cannot imagine a minute without having electricity and what all mishaps may take place when there is no electricity. Similarly, the steam engines lead to mode of transportation much easier and faster when compared to those days of walking or being depended on horses. From the steam engines, we have reached to the electric and bullet trains that just takes us to distant places within minutes!!!

Antibiotics, the life saver are yet another great invention. If antibiotics were not found, imagine what the world would have been now!!! Millions of people survive only because; antibiotics have been found and used. Coming to printers. With the invention of printers, more and more information gets circulated and this has led to more and more people being educated, so that they read and understand the contents of what is being printed.

Therefore, printers have given way for more education and knowledge. Going further to more modern ages, the invention of the internet has been the most looked forward to one as today, everything and everybody is dependent on the World Wide Web. Everything is just a click away and you get all the information that you want from the internet.


These are just some of the few inventions from the thousands that have been done. How could one give priority to one particular invention and keep the other side. All inventions are equally important and have great significance in their own way.


To conclude, one cannot give an exact answer as to what is the most useful or important invention that has happened. Every invention is critical in its own manner and has been the best in what it is. Without these inventions, one could not lead a comfortable and easy life as we see today. We should thanks all the geniuses for the great findings they have contribute to mankind by sacrificing their lives for our betterment.

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