Paragraph on the Role of Women in the Modern Society – by Anand


The role of women in the modern day society is of utmost importance and essential.

The women play a major role in the households, society, politics and administration.


There has been a drastic change in the role played by women from the ancient and medieval times. In the medieval times, women used to be restricted to only the four corners of the house.

Their work was only limited to the house. They were not allowed to participate in the other activities. However, presently, there has been empowerment of women in the society and they are participating in every activity in the society.

Role in the Household:

The women are the backbone of the house. Their role in the house extends from the simplest activity to the most tiring activity. The women are engaged in cleaning, washing, cooking, maintaining etc. The women take care of the children in the house and also pack lunch for their husbands when they go to work.

Role in the Society:

The role of women in the society is essential and an absolute requirement. In our country, the idea of equality of men and women is propounded. Women work towards the upliftment of the societal needs and also in raising the concerns faced by the people in the society. They also play an important role when it comes to usage of public utilities and civic duties. They lend a helping hand to the men who have to work in collaboration for better results.

Role in the Administration:


The role of women in the administration is also one that requires skill and competence. In the administrative sphere, women occupy key positions of power and exercise their skill and judgment to reach at informed decisions. Women engaged in administration; help in the policy formulation process and also in the implementation of the same policies which affect the society at large.

Role in Politics:

In the present day, women play an active part in the politics of the country. Reservation has been made for the women in the society in the parliament as well as the local level panchayats. The reservation has been done keeping in mind the importance of women in the society. The participation of women when it comes to the key social issues like dowry, torture of girl child, female foeticide, harassment etc. is also essential.


Thus, the role of women is inherent in the present day society and cannot be neglected. They are the companions of men and men have to walk with them in the course of life. A woman makes a family, a family leads to a home and home leads to a society. Thus, it is not wise to say that the society would come into existence without the absence of women.

The women play a pivotal role in the upliftment and progress of the society. Neglecting women would entail a loss of a valuable contribution to the society and would lead to monopoly by the men.

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