Paragraph on Travel as a Part of Education – by Silki


Travel as a part of education is an extensive source of practical knowledge.


Wise men and saint people used to travel to abandoned and difficult places for the enhancement of knowledge.

Although it sounds a bit unusual for a common man, but, travelling is really an excellent part of education. You won’t be needing any book, or any other sources to gather information. Travelling itself will change your personal outlook, your thought pattern, and your nature. This happens because of practical life experiences and the depth of exposure you get throughout.

Travel and Education:

The role of travel as a part of education is incomparable. Some people do not get the idea. Yes, the conventional idea of education is highly constrained. Information is being shared and people are being trained inside the four walls. Books are the only resources for knowledge. However, when you travel, you see the world and its elements through your own eyes.


You are not reading what others have interpreted for you. When you read a book, or gather information from the internet, you see things through other’s eyes. Writers and storytellers might have missed an important piece of information somewhere. But, what you get to read in a book, you will have no way apart from relying on that.

Education comes from knowledge. And no education can be greater than the practical knowledge. When you travel, we mean you travel to the different parts of a country or the world. You get to see the real life of different people, the various difficulties of life and also the good side of things. Your sense of judgement changes. You develop a wider and an extensive understanding about the life and various other issues related to it. Nothing other than travelling can help you see the diversity and many great things of the world through an impartial and open eye.

Travel as a Source for Knowledge:

Needless to say that travelling can really make a big difference to our lives. It helps to evolve our senses and make us, cooperative, flexible and adjusting. What’s the most important part of education? Our teachers help us to be a good and helpful person and respect others, right? If books can’t do that, travelling will surely do.

Travelling can make you an understanding and a very open minded person. This is also a part of education. When you travel alone, you face several problems alone. Gradually you learn to face problems alone and fight it when nobody is with you. Travelling can make you self dependent and a strong person. You become a problem solver.


So, I believe that the role of travel as a part of education is very important. Travel helps you not to be too judgemental. As you get to see the life and it’s unbelievable sorrows and problems from a very close distance, for you, living life to the fullest becomes very important. Travel as a part of education can help you become a good and helpful person. You will learn to ignore the tiny complications and focus on the positivities instead.

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