Paragraph on True Friendship – by Silki


A true friendship should be the most loving relation with one very special person. Yes, true friendship can be with more than one person.

But, in reality, it’s very hard to find true friends and relations. A true friendship is always a delight.


You can always trust such relations. Almost all of us generally find true friendship in our childhood. Because this is actually the time when a person’s heart remains pure and innocent. This is the time when a human has no sense of self gain or greed. As it seems obvious, this will be the time when a person will not envy others, and therefore, will develop a relation with no intention of gain or reaping benefits.

True Friendship Blessings:

A true friendship is like a blessing. When you’ve true friends around, you can always live life with the highest assurance. True friends will never leave you alone when you need them most. Similarly, true friends will not use your innocence, or trust, for their own benefits. They will never take you for granted. This is why, true friends are the most precious and invaluable thing on the earth.

True friendship is hard to find these days. It’s because people are now very greedy, self centered and always try to use a relation for their gain. A relation with benefits can never be pure or unconditional. A true friendship is like a relation you have with your mother. Only our mother can love us unconditionally and never can think about hurting us. But, if you’re lucky enough to have a true friendship, the blessings of this relation will always be upon you.

True Friendship is Exceptional:

The relation you share with a true friend is generally very special. A true friend will care about you, understand you and let you grow. How do you identify a true friendship? It’s not easy, but you will feel the purity of relation at some point anyway. A true friendship can be with anyone. Your school or college friends, your mother, father, wife and husband – anyone can be your true friend.


A true friend will be the one with whom you will feel the most secured, comfortable and will have peace of mind. Not necessarily you will have the match of thoughts with true friends. But you will always be able to identify the sense of relief when you will be with your true friend. True friendship will increase your sense of satisfaction. As you will be able to have an open and most relaxing relation with true friends, their company will always make you happy.


Finding a true friend and having a true friendship with someone is a matter of luck these days. You can’t always leave all matters on luck. Find a true friend and friendship in the relations that are the most close to you. Maybe you are very comfortable sharing your most important facts with your neighbourhood friends. In any case, just remember that a true friend and his/her friendship will always be there beside you in any condition.

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