Paragraph on Value of Books – by Rajan Karle


All words will fall short in describing the value of books. The value of books in our lives is too much to be described in a few words.


Books hold a special place in everybody’s lives and are important for one’s growth, maturity and knowledge.

There are countless ways in which books influence our lives. The progress of humanity would have been hampered had it not been for books and the lessons that we learn from them.

Kinds of Books:

There are various kinds of books which can be found in the market. They can suit our preference of the subject matter, the level of reading, the language of our choice or even the author. Broadly there are two kinds of books – fiction and non-fiction. Fictional books tell us stories and events of the imagination of authors. They can be based on actual places or events but the story that they convey is made up. On the other hand the non-fictional books tell us the stories and events that have actually taken place. They are mostly based on facts and the only variation is the author’s own opinion on the story.


What books teach us:

Books influence and teach us throughout our lives. We learn human values and mannerisms, etiquette and ethical behavior, courage and bravery, compassion and humility, forgiveness and acceptance and various other emotions. A good book will influence our behavior and give us a new way to look at life. Books also portray the struggle of mankind through the ages. The lessons that we learn from our past mistakes and the struggle for the advancement of the world can be learned from books.

Choosing wisely:

Although books, for the better part, teach us the positive side of things, there are also books which focus on the dark side of humans. Books containing hatred, profanity, obscenity and false information are cropping up in numbers. While choosing a book the reader should make sure that the book will influence him for the better and not for the worse.

Books and life:

Books and life go hand in hand. Life without books is unimaginable and books containing no life are useless. They are the two sides of the same coin.


Value of books is paramount for our positive growth and emotional maturity. Everybody should be taught about the value of books at young age so that growing up they will always have the comfort and companionship of books.

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