Paragraph on Value of Time – by Rajan

The value of time in our life is like the value of soul in a body. It is well said that the tide and time never stop for anyone.

This judgment summarizes the exact significance of time.



We often get one opportunity called time, and then we have to set all efforts and intellects to turn it most fruitful for our current and future conditions. Time is truly an amazing object. All of us possess it.


It is little difficult to define time. We can say that time have no start and no end. It stays and flows in a constant mode with its own speed. All things in this world are produced in time, grew in time, and at the end decayed in time. We can neither command it nor stop it. It never discriminates between the poor and the rich. Many Kings and their generations also became the slave of time. We cannot scrutinize or condemn it.


We are often taught to be cognizant of the transient time. Although we have created wristwatch and clocks to point out its flow we are yet unable to control its pace. Time is truly immeasurable and indivisible at its place even though we have made-up days, dates, months, and years to specify and calculate it for our convenience.

People consider it as money but in actual it is further expensive than money. We can recuperate the lost money but what about the time? Do we get back the lost time?


It is said that the change is the commandment of nature. Nothing remains unchanged, not even the time. When we compare work in our life in accordance with the available time we find that our life is too short to attain the things we want.

We must graph and systematize all tasks in our life in accordance with the time. No matter which work we are accomplishing, it must be based on the time calculation.

We must prefer doing vital and important things on time without postponing them. We must be energetic when situation demands hard work. We must keep in mind that even our leisure is pleasurable when we carry our prolific efforts. It is our responsibility to immediately carry out the tasks that can be completed in the present day and now.

We never waste our time; in fact it is a time that wastes us when used improperly. All great souls seen by this world have used their time properly. Those were the people who accurately utilized every single moment of their life and became a great soul for us. The great inventions and discoveries carried out by them is an outcome of the good utilization of time. We must learn to use our precious time astutely. Even we are enforced to use our spare time properly.


We can ask the value of time to a person who has lost his sibling in a one second’s bomb attack, an athlete who has lost a gold medal for making the difference of milliseconds with an opponent, and those who get income on the basis of daily work.

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