Paragraph on Village Life in India – by Anand


India being an agricultural country, the majority of the population of our country lives in the villages.

The village life is starkly different from that of the cities and the villages usually remain secluded from the cities, towns and urban life.


In the villages of our country, the most basic profession of our country is carried out i.e. agriculture.

Village and The Villagers:

The life led by the villagers is simple and less demanding. They reside amidst natural surrounding and witness the rising and setting sun while taking the cool breeze which flows all the time. The villagers are engaged in cattle lowing, tilling the fields, sowing seeds on agricultural tracts of land, riding bullock carts etc.

Villages are a pure and serene place. There is negligible noise and air pollution. One can feel a different atmosphere while entering in the village. The fresh air, which is a rare thing in the cities, can be found in abundance in the villages. The villagers stay healthy and happy. The food they eat is also simple and satisfactory.

Activities in the Village:

Majorities of the people residing in the village are farmers and are engaged in agriculture. They supply to the needs of other villagers who are engaged in the professions like carpenters, barbers, potters, weavers, sweepers, priests, blacksmiths etc. The most important cottage industries in the village are weaving and spinning. The cottage industries provide additional income to the farmers.


Apart from this, certain people also have shops and sell the necessities and daily requirements. The village people are religious in nature and worship different gods and goddesses. The villagers also maintain a bond of love and affection with each other. The children are usually engaged in playing with marbles or rocks.

Drawbacks of Village Life:

Poverty thrives in villages. During times of flood, drought or famine, people have to stay hungry for days together without a morsel to eat. They do not have proper sanitary facilities. Children usually become malnourished because of lack on nutritious food. Illiteracy of the villagers keeps them from providing their children basic education.

Unhygienic conditions also exist in the villages and these results in a number of diseases. A majority of the villagers lack proper facilities and arrangements for the treatment of the sick and needy. Thus, at the outbreak of a deadly disease in the village, thousands of villagers die due to lack of medical care.


The village life, despite all the drawbacks, is beautiful and serene. It has the innocence which is absent in the fast moving urban life. The villages have improved from what they were in the past. Technology and other developments have also reached the villages. With all the positive changes taking place in the villages, one can hope for better scenarios in the coming years.

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