Paragraph on Visit to a Countryside – by Anand


A visit to countryside is a unique and wonderful experience. My friend from college hails from a small countryside village located at the heart of the state.

During the last summer vacation, I had an opportunity to visit my friend in his village.


I packed up my belongings and boarded the bus bound for the village. The bus journey was for a painful six hours and thereafter I had to walk a mile by foot to reach the destination.

Pleasant Countryside Environment:

It was a wonderful experience to walk in the natural surroundings. The air was pure and fresh. I was walking in the middle of huge tracts of corn-fields of gram and wheat. One could spot mustard fields in distance where the yellow flowers waved in the breeze. It looked like beautiful scenery straight out of a postcard. There were very tall trees at small distances from each other. The birds which had built their nests on those trees were chirping. There was absence of the regular noises of motor vehicles, which was very soothing.

A Warm Welcome:

After walking for quite some distance, I noticed a light yellow house just near the pond. I could easily recognize it from the photograph which my friend had sent me. HE was standing in the verandah of his house and spotted me from a distance. We greeted each other and he introduced me to his parents and grandparents. They had a joint family and lived in a huge ancestral house.

As I was tired from my journey, my friend’s mother offered me food. The food that I had was very simple. It was a welcome change to see that there was no kind of formality of any kind. After having food, I went to sleep on the cot which was prepared for me.

A Visit to the Village:


I woke up very early in the morning to witness the sun rise. It was a very pleasant morning. After having a breakfast of milk and toast, we headed out to visit the village. The sugarcane fields encompassed quite many a miles as we walked. I saw a group of people preparing ‘gur’, a delicacy. Farmers were watering their fields and the women were providing the cattle with chaff.

People were also drawing water from the wells. Near the village tank, the women were washing clothes and many clothes were hung to dry. It was a joyful sight to see the village-urchins bathing near the tank while splashing water at each other. We came back home after a long walk.


I stayed in the countryside village for almost a week and returned home with many joyful memories of the country life. The farewell given to me was emotional. It was a very touching moment for me. I was asked to visit the village again to which I readily agreed. It was a wonderful journey and visit to the countryside.

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