Paragraph on Visit to a Flood Affected Area – Jenny


One of the worst natural calamities that occur are floods and in India, every year we see floods affecting in many parts of India.


Thousands lose their lives and many thousands become homeless and lonely.

Floods create a huge damage and properties worth crores of money are washed and destroyed, which needs to be rebuilt almost every year. Being in such a situation is a worst nightmare and I happened to witness one, the most worst one.

What it is to be in a Flood and flood affected area:

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and we happen to visit Trivandrum city, on one vacation. Though there were heavy rains, a flood was now where in our minds. Due to continuous rains for several days, we were held up there. These rains gradually led to a great flood down there. One night, we hear people all running around and we woke up to the noise. It was such a shock to see water rising all around us and we were instructed to get to the higher levels of our hotels immediately. We spent the whole night at the top floor of the hotel, fearing every minute that the water may reach down there too.


Early morning, when we got a chance to look out, it was such a devastating sight. Water being everywhere, household items floating around, several huts had already been washed away, and people stranded on tree branches and on roof tops!!! We literally did not know what to do. A total confusion set in. After a few minutes, we realized the intensity of what we were in and then started seeking for help.

People were so helpful to each other that, we were all helping each other in whatever little possible ways we could. Rains had subsided and so people could move out to help one another. Many local residents came in small boats and rescued the ones that were stranded on tree tops, assuring us that they would be back once these people were on safe side.

After some time, helicopters came in and some people from our hotel were taken to rescue shelters. Mothers and small kids were given preference. While we were waiting, the boat people came in and we joined them and reached safe at rescue center, much away from the affected area. The ordeal of this flood and being stranded was almost for two to three days and we had a tough time with no proper food and water.

At the end ….

To reach a safe land was a great relief and a blessing to be alive. Though the people who reached these rescue homes were happy to be alive, the concern, worry and confusion as to where to start and how to start all over again was very much seen on their faces. People like us on a visit did not have much to lose, but was fortunate to be alive, but the among the local residents, many had lost almost everything that they had earned till date.

This experience that I faced in life is totally un-forgetful and would always give a shiver down my spine, when I think of those dreaded days.

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