Paragraph on Visit to a Football Match – by Jenny


Football is a crazy game are so are its viewers. If you are a hard-core football fan, then no matter what, you would take all the pains to visit a match personally to get the view and feel of the match all next to you, in front of your eyes….

What a wonderful sight it is!!! All the great players playing so wonderfully right in front of!!! I too had an opportunity to visit a Football match and the experience was just mesmerizing …


A personal visit…

I am a great fan of football and I do see almost all matches that come up in the television. It is such a wonderfully game with skilled players moving across the ground, all for a single ball to get to the net. But through the entire 90 minutes or the extra time taken, it could keep you on your toes, so exciting the game is.

We recently had a game in our city and I was so excited right from the time the announcement was made. I somehow, along with my friends managed to get some tickets for the great day. The show was supposed to start by 3.30 pm, but it started by 4.00 pm only. The entire gallery was too excited to see the players of the two teams all line up and set themselves for the game.

The two teams were dressed in two different colors and at the said time, the game started with one of the teams giving a kick start. The game was so very much interesting as the defense was just superb from both the teams and also the passes were so well practiced. However, making goal was tough on both the sides as the players from both the teams were well practiced and prepared for the game.


After around 40 minutes, one team makes a goal and there was a huge round of applause from the gallery. We were all so excited and there was great noise and cheering from the gallery. This made the game tougher as the second team was more focused this time. During the next part of the game, it was a tough game and it just kept all of us as spectators on our toes as there were moments that we thought …” There goes a goal….” After a time of 90 minutes and little more, the second team could not make a goal, though they played so well. The game got over with a score of 1-0.


Watching a game live is so much interesting and a wonderful experience, which could only be felt and not explained. With all the cheering , screaming, howling and applauding, it is so much fun to watch the game at a stadium, rather than watching it from a television. If given an opportunity, one should definitely was games going to a gallery, though it is time consuming and tiring.

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