Paragraph on Visit to a Garden- by Anand


A visit to the garden is always a fulfilling experience. Garden is a place where plants, trees and shrubs are cultivated.


Usually, one can find fountains and benches which have been put up for the general public.

There is an ancient garden in the heart of our town which is very beautiful and visited by many. The garden acted as the lung of the city and a boon to the people residing around it.

The Garden Description and Atmosphere:

The moment one sets foot in the garden, a fresh new life springs up within. The garden has a huge gate which is designed in the architecture which was prevalent centuries before. One can find mango and pine trees in plenty which reach great heights. These trees provide the people with the much needed cool shade. The atmosphere under them is very calm and quiet. The cool and crisp grassy lawns are very well maintained by the gardener. The most beautiful part of the garden is its flower-bed. These flower-beds make the garden a colourful place amidst the greenery.


The air in the garden smells of sweet perfume which refreshes the mind and freshens one up. The garden restores health of anything and everything around it because of its invigorating atmosphere. The green verdure and the multi-coloured flower beds are a paradise to the eyes. The simple and sweet chirping of the birds is pleasant to one’s ears. All these things rejuvenate the people who visit the place.

Sections of the Garden:

The garden is divided into various sections. The main attraction is the beautiful fish tank at the eastern corner of the garden where one can find fish of a variety of colours and shapes. There are separate sections for the amusement of children and elderly people. For children, there are slides, see-saws, double bars, basketball court and a huge playground. The garden also has an artificial hill.

One can find trees, fruits and flowers in the garden which are a rarity. Jasmines, Roses, Daisies, Narcissuses are a few of the species of flowers which can be seen. The beauty and grandeur of the garden is unmatchable. The melodious fountains are one of a kind in the entire city.

Not Just a Place of Aesthetic Beauty:

The garden is not only a place of pure aesthetic beauty but also has a number of different clubs where the public can go and enjoy themselves. There is also a big library for the people and a reading room attached to it for the people who like reading.


The garden is a paradise on earth. My visit to the garden rejuvenated me in the best possible way. The summer heat is scarcely felt. It was a happy and soothing visit as it took away my worries that day and let me enjoy to the fullest extent. The tender and rare plants, the cool and dark shades beneath the tall trees, the chirping of the birds, the beautiful flowers and the happy faces moving about made my day.

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