Paragraph on Visit to a Sea-Side – by Anand


Visit to a seaside is always an exciting experience. Usually, people visit seaside places with their families and friends to break away from the daily life and relax.

The cool breeze, the pleasant weather, the waves of water, the wet sand, the view of the horizon etc. are the things everyone loves about the seaside.


People from all ages, young and old, visit the beach in great numbers especially during the hot summer season. I had an opportunity to visit a seaside last summer with my parents.

Seaside Description:

A warm and muggy day was the perfect weather combination to go to the seaside. The water of the sea was crystal clear and deep blue in colour. There was not a bit of sea weed in our sight. As one listens to the sound of the waves roaring and the breezy wind of the sea brushing by, you can spot boats sailing in the deep seas. I looked at the people around who were soaking themselves in the sun and were in line to get in the water.

Diving Into the Water:

As the white sand burned under my feet, I took a deep breath of fresh air. I put the sunscreen on my body and ran towards the water. There were small kids nearby who were building sandcastles and throwing sand at each other. I saved myself from the sand balls being hurled in the air and started running closer to the waters where the waves were crashing.

Being the best diver in school, I dove through the thumping wave and the cold water rushed down the whole of my body. I bounced back up to the surface. This cycle repeated itself several times. It was relieving to face the cool sea water after being in the warm weather for a long time.

A Possible Mishap Prevented:


I swam deeper and deeper till my feet were unable to touch the bottom of the sand. I waited anxiously for the next round of waves to come and crash into me. I had a good feeling that the next wave would be a bigger one so I prepared myself for that. I felt its thrust and it flung me in the air and into the water. My parents got a bit worried and started running into the water but I raised my hand above the water and waived towards them that I was safe. I stuck one hand in front of the other and started paddling as fast as I can. Keeping my body straight and my hands in place, I was surfing towards the beach like an expert.


All in all, the experience at the seaside was amazing and thrilling. The visit to the seaside was a welcome break out of all of our hectic schedules and me and my parents enjoyed it to the full extent. Though I was unhappy when we had to return home in the evening, my father promised me that he would take me to the seaside again very soon.

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