Paragraph on Waste of Time – by Anand


It is said that time is eternal. Time has no beginning and no end. But usually, man measures time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years etc.


The words past, present and future have also received their meanings because of time. Yesterday is the past, today is the present and tomorrow is the future. It is thus true that time has meaning.

Understanding the Meaning of Time:

The time pattern is the basis on which the entire creation moves. We experience birth, growth, decay and death. Everything has a time for itself. There is a specific time for plants to flower and give fruits. Seasons change according to time. Even for humans, a child takes birth, advances into boyhood, adolescence, youth, middle and old age. Each stage has a time for itself. Everything is fixed according to a given time-frame. One cannot go ahead of this time frame.

Importance of Time:


Time has significant importance in the lives of each individual. It is generally said that time is the healer of all wounds and it also has the power to heal those wounds which reason cannot. Emotion is a part of every human being. During the times when man in overcome by negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, envy etc. they tend to lose their power of reason and act hastily which results in serious repercussions.

As such emotions calm down, repentance follows. But the damage has already been caused. However, time can heal even that damage. The healing touch of time stems from the people’s power to forgive and forget.

The wisest counselor is time. It allows the individual to grow which instills experience in the individual. The very same experience helps him to take decisions in life. Time keeps a check on whether we act and act wisely that is. It is often said that the wisest men make the best use of time and that, the loss of time, aggrieves them the most.

Causes and Effects of Waste of Time:

People waste or lose time for a variety of reasons. They lose time on the internet, playing games, doing unproductive work, sleeping extra, lying around for no reason for hours together. The youth of today waste the maximum amount of time indulging in useless activities. People ignorant of the essence and importance of time, have no hesitation in wasting it or merely spending it doing nothing. There is an age old proverb which says that killing time is suicide and not murder. It means that one is harming oneself and not others by wasting time.

Time is a free flowing force. Time does not halt for any given person. There is a very famous saying that time and tide wait for no one. If one loses a minute, it goes forever. You can’t fetch it back. Like it is said that one should strike the iron only when it is hot; in the same way, one should always make proper use of time as it flies away. Time wastes us if we waste time.


Thus, loss or waste of time should be avoided as time is of essence for everything in the world. People who tend to lose time or waste time always lag behind others and can never succeed in life. Time is a precious asset and it should be judiciously used.

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