Paragraph on What Will U Do after Examination?- by Anand


Examination time is one of the most tensed times of the academic year. We are all geared up for that one test which determines how we have fared in the whole year.

The day we have the last examination, we all remain pumped up with excitement to begin celebrations.


In the last day of the exams, the students forget everything around them and start rejoicing that the exams are finally over.

Post-Exam Jubilation:

I and my friends would be so happy when the last bell rings that we would hand our answer sheets and run out of the classroom shouting and hooting. Even if the teacher shouts at us, her words would fall on deaf ears. We will run out to the playground where all my friends from their respective classrooms will gather. We will then start singing loudly and some of us would dance. It would be a time of happy madness as no one would know what they would be doing.

Discussion of Plans:

After the initial outburst of joy and happiness, I and my friends will discuss about our plans for the vacations. I have plans of visiting my aunt who lives in a beautiful countryside village. She has been asking me to visit her for a long time and I guess this is the right time to visit her. A few of my friends must have similar plans of visiting their relatives or friends staying in far off places. Some of my friends must also have plans of holidaying in some hill station or the other. There must also be some friends who will prefer staying back at home and while away their time.

Farewell Party:

We would plan to have a small sort-of farewell party before each one of us left home for the vacations. We would decide on a venue for the following day and everyone would be invited to the party. The party will be a grand success. Every one of my friends will turn up. We will talk, dance, sing, play a lot of games and eat the food prepared for us. We would eat to our heart’s content. Then the time will arrive when we have to part. Everyone will hug each other and wish happy vacations to one another. I will feel really sad and wouldn’t want the good times with friends to end.



As intended, I will start on my journey to visit my aunt. A visit to countryside will be a unique and wonderful experience. It will be a wonderful experience to walk in the natural surroundings and breathe the pure and fresh air. It would be a welcome change to the urban life. I also plan to visit the countryside village market. I will stay in the countryside village for almost a week and return home with many joyful memories of the country life.


Thus, these are the things which I have planned out to do after my examinations are done with. I will be rejoicing as soon as the last day of the exam is over. I have much to look forward to.

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