Paragraph on Why Children Drop Out Of High School? – by Anand


Children dropping out of high school these days have increased in number. This increase in the number of students dropping out of high school can be attributed towards making a career.

Even the recruiters and job seekers are looking out for people who are high school pass-outs.


The reasons as to why children drop out in high school are many.

Inability to Afford Tuition:

Inability to afford tuition remains as one of the vital factors why children opt to drop out of their high schools. There are a number of families which are unable to provide their children with high school education because of financial problems. These families earn a very minimal salary and barely manage to have three-meals per day.

In other such circumstances, parents are only able to afford the tuition of one member of the family. Thus, out of compulsion, the other children in the family drop out of school. The cheapest universities are the public universities but still many students do not get a chance to study in such universities.

Consistent Failure:

Another very pertinent reason as to why children drop out of high school is because of constant failure to clear the subjects and pass the course. At times, students have a difficulty in certain subjects. If the subjects fall in the compulsory category then failure in that particular subject would entail failure in the whole course. In other cases, students fail to pass a majority of the subjects prescribed under the course. Such students get the opportunity of taking the course again but they do not prefer doing so. The reason for constant failure can also be attributed to a lot of factors like little or no interest in studies, trauma from excessive peer pressure, interest for other profession etc.

Preference to Work Early:


Students have started to drop out of high school so as to pursue their professions and start working. This factor is a relatively recent one which has made high school drop-outs becoming entrepreneurs, dancers, singers, actors, motivational speakers etc. For such children, money is never a driving factor but their goals in life are.

They are so determined to achieve what they dream that they feel dropping out to be the best choice. Also, some students start working at an early age so as to earn money and help their families. For such students, it becomes difficult to return back to their studies as they are already earning money from their respective jobs.


In conclusion, students basically drop out of school for three primary reasons namely, money, good academic failure and a good job. There are other causes too but these three are the major causes. The dropping out of children from high school is not a major concern presently. However, if the number increases in near future then measures have to be taken.

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