Paragraph on Women Education – by Anand


Education ensures the progress of the human race. Hence, it is necessary that each person, be it man or woman, be educated.


There is a famous saying that the hand which rocks the cradle rules the world. There can be no progress or peace if women are left uneducated. There can be no peace in the family if the companion for life are ill-matched i.e. the husband is educated while the wife is illiterate.

The Need for Women Education:

Since women consist of about half the population of almost every country, if they are not educated, it would signify that half of the population of that country is illiterate. The natural consequence to this would be that the country will not be able to see much development or progress as its counterparts. A saying of Napolean is very pertinent. When he was asked as to the greatest need of France, he replied that the progress of the nation was impossible without female education.

The Controversy of Women Education:


In India, there has always been a controversy regarding the education of women. People with an orthodox mind are in favor of providing basic education to women but not higher education. This is a very illogical view. If a woman is considered mentally qualified to go for higher education then there should be no reason which should stop them from receiving it. On the other hand, the liberals of the view that female education should be given but higher education would give them a superior status over men in the society.

Duties of a Woman:

A woman has duties in the three stages of her life. She is called a perfect woman is she is able to fulfill these duties. And to fulfill these duties in life, the woman requires to have an education. The three phases in which the duties of a woman are divided are when she is a daughter, when she is a wife and when she is a mother. Education would equip her better with the skills required or expected out of her in these phases of life.

Advantages of an Educated Wife:

It is usually seen that men who have uneducated wives, spend their evenings or leisure at clubs. However, if a man’s wife is educated, he can always go to her to share his thoughts and seek her advice on different matters. They can spend time together in his leisure. An educated woman is always a great companion, a good friend and a useful advisor. The husband can always go to her for help and in the same time she can retain his affection. The same does not hold good in case of an illiterate lady.


Thus, female education is the utmost need of every society and this will enable women to make their husbands, parents, children truly happy.

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