Paragraphs on Forget the past – March towards the Future

Forget the past – march towards the future. This you must do if you want to make yours and your loved one’s future better.

Will it be possible to make a better future if we’re stuck in our past? No, it won’t be possible.


Life is a continuous journey. There will always be something to cheer and cry about. It’s up to what you want to remember. If the past wasn’t good, you’re lucky that you got your life’s biggest lessons. Yes, bad phases of our life leaves us with the biggest lessons. It’s because you’ve now got the idea of the worst and its probable causes.

If you want to prevent the worst from repeating itself in the future again, you’ll stay alert and never let that happen. This means you’re securing your future. So, when we say forget the past – march towards the future, we mean try to take your biggest lessons from your past and move ahead to build and safeguard your future from the worst.

The past is the phase of life that you can’t change anyhow. That was the time which is now beyond your control. Today is going to be a history tomorrow. However, if you take care of today, which is your present, the past will be in your favor. Are you with me here? What I mean is that don’t ignore your present just because of the time which you can’t change anymore. If you regret of your past, if you’ve realized that you could have done something more to alter the past, this means you’re now aware of the shortcomings. Try to overcome the shortcomings in the present so that you get a better future.

And when you’ll make a better and a happy future, you’ll not feel like looking at your past. Please forget the past – march towards the future because you still can turn the time in your favor. You know, when you remain stuck in your past, you tend to ignore your future. Don’t do that if you don’t want the history to repeat itself. If you don’t want the same thing happen to yourself like the past, rebuild the present and future.

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